Meet the Artist

.I was born in and raised in the deep south and currently live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and edge of the great plains of Colorado.  Both places influence, inform, and inspire my abstract landscape paintings. My works reveal the places that are redolent of memories of nature throughout my life. The continued imaginings of southern landscape have an important influence on my work to this day.  Over the last decade as an artist, I have come to recognize how much the simplicity of early experiences taught the way I see the world and eventually create on the canvas. My introspective paintings are about discovering place and crafting it.

About Me

I began painting in 2014 at the fading of a 25 year career in business and on the cusp of a tenacious curiosity about color. With some drawing classes, playing with pastels and lots of doodling experience under my belt I decided it was time to see what might happen if I picked up a paint brush and learned a bit about color. Much to my surprise without much thought my passion began to dance on the canvas. It’s been a love story ever since. 

I am a member of Open Studios, Boulder, NoBo Art District and shows at the R Gallery + Wine Bar, Boulder, and Osmosis Gallery in Niwot permanently.  And have been showing locally in Boulder County and Denver since 2018.

“Making art brings me joy, and a painting’s process connects me more deeply to myself.  I am motivated by the miracle of each piece’s evolution and by its final completion, you viewing the art and having your experience with it.”

About my art

I use acrylic paint on stretched canvas, mostly palette knife with some brush, large scrapers, water, and rags.  I use a lot of paint, pushing and pulling to form heavy texture and diffuse lines. I believe that art is integration of form and feeling, and that relying on too much of one or the other can come across confusing and leave the viewer unsatisfied.  But when a balance and harmony of the two emerges the viewer experiences a vibration that is palpable and moving.  To do this, I believe rather than paint a painting or create art I must show up and work, not think, and incorporate many intervals of stepping back and sitting with the work in progress.

Reach out

Reach out if you would like to collect a piece of art, have questions or any thoughts about my art or if you like to see some of it in person.

My studio is located in North Boulder at 4939 Broadway, #58. You can reach me at

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