Meet the Artist

I love art! And more than that I love creating art. I have always been inspired by color, image, story on canvas. 

My current home at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains and the edge of the vast great plains of Colorado, represent the polar opposite of my growing up experience in the damp, cozy, moss covered trees of the deep South and its. This tension — a seemingly impossible reconciliation — forms the basis for much of my art.

About Me

I began painting in 2014 at the fading of a 25 year career in business and on the cusp of a tenacious curiosity about color. With some drawing classes, playing with pastels and lots of doodling experience under my belt I decided it was time to see what might happen if I picked up a paint brush and learned a bit about color. Much to my surprise without much thought my passion began to dance on the canvas. It’s been a love story ever since. 

“Making art brings me joy, and a painting’s process connects me more deeply to myself.  I am motivated by the miracle of each piece’s evolution and by its final completion, you viewing the art and having your experience with it.”

About my art

My artwork stands for serenity, kindness and power. I am hoping to inspire and bring tranquility to audiences, to fill empty spaces with color and to comfort healing hearts with original works, all of which have been gifted to me by other’s art throughout my life.

Currently, it is mostly palette knife with some brush, along with large scrapers, water and rags.  I use a lot of paint, acrylic paint, pushing and pulling to form texture and diffuse lines.

Reach out

Reach out if you would like to collect a piece of art, have questions or any thoughts about my art or if you like to see some of it in person.

My studio is located in Boulder, Colorado. You can reach me at